News Articles

Georgia Stays Red, and Mr. Perdue Goes to Washington

Were there any signs of the southern state going purple? Via PJ Media

Time for the Big Guns: What Are GOP SuperPACs Waiting for in Georgia?

It’s a razor-thin margin between Nunn and Perdue, and control of the Senate potentially hangs in the balance. Via PJ Media

4 Big Reasons Why the GOP Should Worry About Georgia’s Next Governor

Jason Carter, grandson of Jimmy, is locked in a tight race with GOP incumbent Nathan Deal. Via PJ Media

Georgia Senate Heats Up as Perdue, Nunn Get Their Hands Dirty

However, voters are not entirely sold on the muddier campaign strategies. Via PJ Media

Turning Purple: Could New Voters in Georgia Hand Senate Seat to Democrats?

Michelle Obama in Atlanta: “If we increase the voter rolls by just three percent by adding Democratic voters…” Via PJ Media

Out with the Old: Perdue Takes the GOP Nod in Georgia Senate Race

Businessman trumps congressman in tight runoff to face Nunn in race that could flip a seat blue… Via PJ Media

Georgia GOP Senate Runoff Pits D.C. ‘Outsider’ Against Longtime Congressman

Will the open primary attract Democrats to push a weaker candidate into race with Nunn? Via PJ Media


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