Research 2

I study how media effects in TV and film can lead to narrative persuasion.

Political Communication, Political Behavior, & Media Effects

I passed my comprehensive exams in American politics and comprehensive politics. Political behavior and media effects are my primary research focus. I specialize in understanding how dramatic narratives in fictional audiovisual programs (films and episodic shows) can influence individual political attitudes and perceptions of outgroup members. My work also pulls from other social science fields like communication and social psychology.

ABD, Georgia State University (Projected Fall 2020)

2015 – M.A. in Political Science, Georgia State University
2013 – B.A. in International Affairs, Kennesaw State University

Awards & Grants

  • GSU Provost’s Dissertation Fellowship, 2020
  • Departmental Dissertation Grant, 2018, $2000
  • Dissertation Summer Stipend, 2017, $2000


  • Accepted, 2020 American Political Science Association Annual Meeting
  • Accepted, 2020 Midwest Political Science Association Annual Meeting

Associations & Memberships

  • American Political Science Association
  • Midwest Political Science Association


The Netflix Effect: How Binge Watching Episodic Dramas Influences Political Attitudes

Primetime to Politics
Master’s Non-thesis Paper

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