Current Projects


The Contestant

In the not-too-distant future, when Big Media controls information flow and a network of Luddite terrorists pose the greatest threat to global security, the newest speechwriter for hit reality show America’s Next President must choose between following the man she’s grown to love into a noble terrorist plot and building the career of her dreams at the expense of her principles.

American Refugees

When the Republic begins to crumble 20 years after seceding from the United States, four families living in the former states of Georgia and South Carolina must flee for their very lives. The Goodmans, Shealys, Morrises, and Brawleys band together against confederate rebels, state terrorism, hunger and disease, but their bonds are weak. Some members of the ragtag group will make it across the border to America, but most will die trying.

Written with Dr. Greg Hodgin

Short Stories

Sorry I Missed You

When faced with the death of a close friend, a young woman turns to her sister living on the other side of the country. Unfortunately, her sister doesn’t pick up. This story unfolds through a series of voicemails as the woman copes with her grief. She soon discovers her fiancé may be coping with someone else.

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