Narrative Impact Editor

Alexandra is an experienced editor and scholar of narrative impact. Alexandra has 7 years experience researching narrative persuasion and media impact in literature, television, and film. For more than 10 years, she has written and edited across fiction and nonfiction mediums from short stories to screenplays to journal articles. She expects to receive her PhD in May, 2021, and continue teaching. In addition to university students, she teaches public online courses on media effects.

What I Do

  • Editorial Assessment
  • Developmental Editing
  • Literary Fiction
  • Science Fiction
  • YA Fiction
  • Historical Fiction
  • Plays & Screenplays
  • Nonfiction: Politics & Current Events

For FICTION writers, she helps new and established authors develop 3-dimensional characters and diverse casts, build realistic worlds, foster reader transportation and absorption into the narrative, and determine best practices for creating the author’s desired narrative and social impact. In her editorial assessment, Alexandra includes ratings for character diversity, realism, and potential social impact. She provides detailed feedback for revisions and offers virtual meetings to discuss next steps. Her developmental assessment is similar, providing feedback on how to develop the narrative based on desired impact.

For NONFICTION writers, Alexandra provides feedback for essays, journal articles, books, and scripts related to political science and current affairs. She currently holds a master’s degree in political science and is finishing her PhD. She specializes in American political behavior, comparative political behavior, and international security. Alexandra has experience with quantitative, qualitative, and experimental research methods.

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