IMG_8166From backyard musicals I talked my sisters into performing with me to rhythmic third grade musings that somehow won a local poetry award, my poor parents have always known their little girl was a writer. As an adult, I’ve written copy for blogs, political articles, social media posts, academic papers – everything but my true love of writing stories.

When I got the last-minute email that I was pulled from the waitlist to perform at the 2018 Atlanta Fringe Festival, I immediately said yes! I dusted off my first draft of the script, started making phone calls to build a team, and then sequestered myself for a weekend to finally finish a writing project that came from my heart. And it was a hit! My amazing cast brought to life a very personal story, bringing home the Audience Choice Award for ensemble show.

Since then, I’ve challenged myself to get back to storytelling. I’ve collaborated with friends, I’ve outlined new ideas, and I’ve begun The Work. As such, I’ve dedicated this section of my website to writing projects.