Political Scientist

Political Scientist

Political Persuasion | Prejudice | Media Effects


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ACP studies political persuasion. Her dissertation looks at mediated intergroup contact and binge effects in entertainment shows.

Grants & Awards

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Awarded GSU’s coveted Provost’s Dissertation Fellowship in 2020, ACP also received two grants for her research on binge effects.


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In 6 years, ACP has taught 16 classes, from Intro to American Government to her senior seminar, “Pop Culture & American Politics.”

Current Research

Alexandra researches political persuasion. Her current research focuses on narrative persuasion of social and political attitudes through dramatic, fictional shows. Her dissertation explores the impact of accumulated exposure to the Muslim terrorist stereotype on prejudice toward Muslims and approval of policies that negatively affect Muslim-majority countries. She also examines the impact that binge watching has on these effects compared with traditional weekly watching of shows.

Future Research

Alexandra plans to expand her media effects research to more deeply explore mediated intergroup contact and binge effects in other contexts. She believes mediated intergroup contact may also affect interparty prejudice, as partisanship has become an increasingly important social identity. She expects contemporary media consumption habits like bingeing and multi-tasking are partly to credit for diminished media effects in certain populations. Alexandra also plans to extend her research of political persuasion, prejudice, and media effects to non-American contexts, such as France, Ireland, and Pakistan.

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