Teaching 1

I have taught the Introduction to American Politics and Global Issues classes at GSU’s Atlanta campus and online. I have taught Intro to American Politics as an in-person lecture, a hybrid course, and a fully-online course. I have taught Global Issues as a fully-online course. My teaching style incorporates contemporary examples and popular cultural references into lectures to help students better relate to the material.

Classes Taught

POLS 1101: Introduction to American Government

  • 2018: Maymester, fully online, 200 spots available
  • 2018: Spring, in-person lecture, approx. 65 students
  • 2017: Fall, in-person lecture, approx. 50 students
  • 2017: Spring, hybrid course, approx. 120 students
  • 2016: Spring, in-person lecture, approx. 70 students
  • 2015: Summer, in-person lecture, approx. 25 students
  • 2015: Spring, in-person lecture, approx. 70 students, including Panther Excellence students

POLS 2401: Global Issues

  • 2017: Summer, fully online, approx. 140 students
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