Alexandra C. Pauley teaches at Georgia State University on the Atlanta campus and online as part of her graduate assistantship. Since 2015, Ms. Pauley has served as the instructor of record for 15 classes, covering Introduction to American Government, Global Issues, and Senior Seminar: Pop Culture in American Politics.

Pop Culture & American Politics

This senior seminar for political science or communications majors explores how TV, films, music, social media, and more influence our thoughts and behaviors. Ms. Pauley teaches students about news media effects like framing, communications concepts like the Entertainment Overcoming Resistance Model, and how the contemporary media environment affects our political and social attitudes.

Intro to American Government

This introductory course, required by the state of Georgia, provides students with a solid foundation for understanding why the American Government looks and acts the way it does. Ms Pauley uses current events and myriad teaching tools like the Privilege Walk and a build-your-own-political-party group activity to help students understand America’s history, institutions, and political behaviors.

What Students Say

Professor Pauley made American Government more interesting that I ever could have thought. She related the class to the real world and issues going on currently.

Fall 2018

Ms. Pauley was amazing! She was very personable and related well with her students. It was easy to approach her if you had questions or concerns about the material.

Spring 2018

Alexandra Pauley is a brilliant professor who does her best to teach a subject that most find tedious… [She] does her best to ensure her students understand the concepts.

Fall 2018

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Understanding Media Bias: Public Course

In fall of 2020, Ms. Pauley launches her first online course for the public, Understanding Media Bias (And How to Avoid It). This course will explain the different ways news media can influence us. She uses straightforward language to explain the three main types of news media effects. The course includes real life, relatable examples to explore these not-so-complicated concepts and prepare you to become a news-savvy American citizen.

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