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This is Janet Wong with Microsoft Local: D.C. reporting live from Wilmington, Delaware where a luxury train car traveling from New York to D.C. derailed while rushing into this precarious turn at 2:47 this morning, Friday, September 3, 2055.

Police have yet to reveal the cause of the accident or who was on board, but we do know that the train is emblazoned with the logo for Studio 12, whose hit reality show The Next American President just finished shooting an episode in New York City. At least six individuals have been removed from the wreckage by ambulance since we arrived on the scene at three o’clock. Two of them were in body bags.

This has been Janet Wong with Microsoft Local: D.C.

In the not-too-distant future when Big Media rules the world and Luddite terrorists pose the greatest global security threat, the newest speechwriter for hit reality show America’s Next President goes head to head with her radical contestant over the path of their campaign – and the future of the nation. She must choose between following the man she’s grown to love into a terrorist plot and living out her dreams.

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American Refugee

It’s the smell that gets to you more than anything else. I’m not talking about the attack itself. I’m talking about the rancid odor of stale urine drenching the cloth you hold to your face because you heard somewhere that piss will block the chemicals from getting into your lungs and killing you. Yes. Piss. I’m talking about the stark terror of hearing planes fly low overhead, hearing the sound of gurgling liquid as some godforsaken device drops from that plane and pummels into the pavement in front of you. The poison gas pours out, and you only have seconds before the fumes overwhelm and maim or kill you. That’s when someone in your ramshackle group yells to wrap the piss-stained shirt over your face, and you pray to God that you chose the right people to trust. At the right moment. Because every moment is another chance for mistakes or betrayal

When the Republic begins to crumble 20 years after seceding from the United States, four families living in the former states of Georgia and South Carolina must flee for their very lives. The Goodmans, Shealys, Morrises, and Brawleys band together against confederate rebels, state terrorism, hunger and disease, but their bonds are weak. Some in the ragtag group will make it across the border, but most will die trying.

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