Media Impact

Media influences us differently depending upon what we expect and how it’s presented. Although all media affects us using similar concepts – framing, priming, and agenda-setting through narratives – the way they go about it is entirely different. Read more about Ms. Pauley’s research here.

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News Media Effects

The first mass media we studied was the news. News media can affect what we think about, how we think about it, and how we use the information we’ve learned to evaluate our leaders.

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Entertainment Effects

We tend to turn to entertainment to escape our lives, feel a thrill, or do some deep thinking. Yet, even when we’re just tuning in to tune out the real world, we’re still being influenced.

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Navigating News Bias: Public Course

In fall of 2020, Ms. Pauley launches her first online course for the public, Understanding Media Bias (And How to Avoid It). This course will explain the different ways news media can influence us. She uses straightforward language to explain the three main types of news media effects. The course includes real life, relatable examples to explore these not-so-complicated concepts and prepare you to become a news-savvy American citizen.

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