About Alexandra

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alex_pauley_grad_headshot_400_400Graduate student by day and freelance writer by night, my main focus in both arenas is politics. I am working toward my PhD in the Department of Political Science at Georgia State University, where my main areas of study are political psychology and media effects.

In my small bit of spare time (read: the wee hours of the morning when my mind is still whirring) I catch up on current news and popular entertainment, and then I write about them. You might have seen some of my pieces published on PJMedia.com or Fanbolt.com!

This website should give you some insight into my past and current research, as well as my input on important events happening around the world. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “About Alexandra

  1. Alex ~~ I have been looking for the Alexandra Pauley that came up the the Quantum Reaction Project for the New Homeless. Very interested in speaking with her so that I may start project in several states.
    Thank you ~ Tammie Gibson 717-557-6760

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