In case you missed it…

At his inauguration tomorrow, Georgia's Governor Nathan Deal will be honored with the dedication of a Coca-Cola bottle. In case you missed it, here's my piece again on why the Peach State is cherry Red for another year... Georgia Stays Red and Mr Perdue Goes to Washington by Alexandra C. Pauley

Two New Articles Out!

Check out my new articles on PJ Media! Turning Purple: Could New Voters in Georgia Hand Senate Seat to Democrats? by Alexandra C. Pauley Michelle Obama in Atlanta: “If we increase the voter rolls by just three percent by adding Democratic voters..." Georgia Senate Heats Up as Perdue, Nunn Get Their Hands Dirty by Alexandra … Continue reading Two New Articles Out!

The ‘Confidence Gap’ Has Many Faces

In the language of gender inequality, we moved rather quickly from banning "bossy" to blaming a gendered "Confidence Gap" for the disparity between men and women in jobs, pay, and treatment in general. While I can respect the need to pinpoint how we change this grand societal flaw, I find myself still peeved by the overarching sense … Continue reading The ‘Confidence Gap’ Has Many Faces