What Should I Watch While Self-Isolating?

Shelter-in-place orders are ubiquitous. Movie theaters are closed. And Netflix subscriptions are up! You know what else is up? Anxiety. Pandemics, like living in a guerilla combat zone, mean that strikes can happen anywhere at any time. That shit is scary! Add high unemployment rates, children at home 24/7, and a news cycle of clickbait,Continue reading “What Should I Watch While Self-Isolating?”

Working For a Better America: Thoughts on Obama’s Second Inauguration, Dr. Cornel West, and the Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Although I wrote this piece nearly five years ago, the theme and message of Dr. West’s speech are as true today as they were in 2013… This afternoon, on the day we annually celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday, Barack Obama was recognized in the 57th presidential inauguration celebration. As America’s 44th president, theContinue reading “Working For a Better America: Thoughts on Obama’s Second Inauguration, Dr. Cornel West, and the Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.”

Trump for President – A Good Lesson for America?

Let me be clear from the start: I do not want to see Donald Trump lead the most powerful nation in the world. He would wreck our international relationships, ruin the country’s credit, and generally  run the United States into the ground. But having him run for president might be exactly what America needs right now.Continue reading “Trump for President – A Good Lesson for America?”

New Tools for Modern Education, Made Easy

In today’s working world, quick innovation and technological advancement has flipped the traditional system of seniority on its head. Where once experience was the fasted path to respect and a promotion, now it seems to only matter if you know the newest media platform or computer code. This is especially true in our education system, where innovationContinue reading “New Tools for Modern Education, Made Easy”

What It Should Mean to be “Pro-Life”

Since when did being “pro-life” become synonymous with being prudish and anti-woman? Why does being “pro-choice” make you anti-family? When did the dehumanizing ad-tactics of the Mad Men-esque marketing world take its attack labels away from business and onto the political battlefield of Values vs. Rationality? Better yet, when did the two concepts become mutually exclusiveContinue reading “What It Should Mean to be “Pro-Life””

The ‘Confidence Gap’ Has Many Faces

In the language of gender inequality, we moved rather quickly from banning “bossy” to blaming a gendered “Confidence Gap” for the disparity between men and women in jobs, pay, and treatment in general. While I can respect the need to pinpoint how we change this grand societal flaw, I find myself still peeved by the overarching senseContinue reading “The ‘Confidence Gap’ Has Many Faces”