Research 1

I passed my comprehensive exams in American politics and comprehensive politics, although my primary research focus is in political behavior and media effects. I specialize in understanding how dramatic media – like films and episodic shows – affect individual political attitudes and public opinion. My work is therefore interdisciplinary, pulling from other social science fields such as communication, psychology, and sociology.

Research Toolkit

I have had the opportunity to use and hone several research “tools” in my time at GSU. Some of the most important to my own research include:

  • Content Analysis
  • Survey Writing (using Qualtrics)
  • Experiment Design
  • Data Analysis (using STATA and R)

Key Concepts

There are many theories in the fields I study; however, there are several key theories, concepts, and models that have proven most helpful in my work. These include:

  • Framing Effects
  • Agenda-setting
  • Social Contact Hypothesis
  • Cultivation Theory
  • Saturation Theory/Drench Effects
  • Elaboration Likelihood Model
  • Deictic Shift Theory
  • R-A-S Model
  • Heuristics

New outlooks and suggestions are always welcome. Feel free to post a helpful article or comment!


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