alex_pauley_grad_headshot_400_400Thanks for stopping by! I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Political Science Department at Georgia State University. Currently A.B.D., I am working on my dissertation entitled “The Netflix Effect: How Binge-watching Episodic Dramas Influences Political Attitudes and Perceptions of Marginalized Peoples.” I also teach in the department and work with GSU’s Global Studies Institute.


I passed my comprehensive exams in American politics and comprehensive politics, although my primary research focus is in political behavior and media effects. I specialize in understanding how dramatic media – like films and episodic shows – affect individual political attitudes and public opinion. My work is therefore interdisciplinary, pulling from other social science fields such as communication, psychology, and sociology.


I have taught the Introduction to American Politics and Global Issues classes at GSU’s Atlanta campus and online. I have taught Intro to American Politics as an in-person lecture, a hybrid course, and a fully-online course. I have taught Global Issues as a fully-online course. My teaching style incorporates contemporary examples and popular cultural references into lectures to help students better relate to the material.


Because my research centers on the social and political impact of dramatic media, I have been working on a process to evaluate films and shows in their potential for political impact. Early reviews focus on forming a strategy to content analyze the media. I hope to use this information to create an algorithm that will help me to provide scores for a piece’s potential for impact.

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